bruiloft Katie en Patrick


Dia Dhuit! Dat betekent “hallo” in het Iers 🙂 Een Ierse bruiloft. Maar ik spreek geen Gaelic dus we gaan in het engels verder voor deze ene keer…..

We will continue in my version of the english language because most wedding guests are from Ireland. Tá fáilte romhaibh: Welcome to this tiny black & white preview. Some highlights of Katie’s and Patrick’s wedding on october 20th! Hope you enjoy. I know I did. It started off with Katie and her beautiful family. In a beautiful house in Delft. I couldn’t get enough of this setting! Have a look at this gorgeous little boy performing his magic on the women 🙂 Future heartbreaker for sure.
And then there’s this saying photographers use “kill your darlings” which means you really have to be selective and just pick the best of the best. But I couldn’t! Which of the 3 ‘twirling’ pictures do you like best?
In the rain we go. Dutch weather. I’m sure you can relate. Small walk to the Maria van Jesse Church. Small walk, long wait. Was it not Patrick? Women….I mean sisters. I’ve added a picture of she who mastered the Gaelic tongue. Beautiful.
Last but not least a word on the photo of Katie and Patrick on the wooden bench. This was the spot Patrick proposed to Katie.
Thank you Katie, Patrick, family and friends for letting me be part of your wonderful day. Feicfidh mé ar ball sibh!